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The name of the game is traffic. The more HDK banners you have on your site and on other sites, the more traffic you will send to HDK and the more income you will make. BANNERS = TRAFFIC = INCOME! The higher quality traffic you can send, the more income will be made. The quality of the traffic you send will vary depending on what type of site you have,
and what type of sites you place our banners. Even though, in most cases, higher quality traffic translates into more revenue, ALL types of traffic can equate into sales for you. Conventional ways of marketing revenue sharing programs range from utilizing traffic from free sites, pay sites, and search engines. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help
you market HDK on any of these websites and start earning money immediately. But a couple of things are certain, the more prominently you place our banners on your site, the more money you will make  The more HDK banners you place on other sites.......the higher the potential to generate substantial income for you.

Free sites include thumbnail galleries, link sites, and top lists. Surfers of these types of sites generally become very desensitized to banner advertising, simply because there are so many banners on these sites, especially on thumbnail galleries. Remember, the surfers visit these sites with intent to find photos and/or other sites where they can
find photos. But, when they come to the HDK site and join, they will see ACTUAL video clips from each HDK films and exclusive content available only on HDK!  To get around this problem of so many banners, we provide our affiliates with numerous high-quality banners that are crisp, clean, and eye-catching, and stand out among others. Also, we
have a number of flashy, animated banners that will definitely catch the surfers' attention and let them know that ACTUAL VIDEO CLIPS CAN BE SEEN ONLINE! Talk about getting them OFF, and that's what its all about!

HDK also provides free hosted galleries for you and update these galleries weekly.  We target different genres, such as Real Men, Twinks, Euro Boys, Fisting, etc.  You choose the banners and galleries that appeals to your niche market and place those on your site(s).  This not only gets people over to HDK to sign up, but also provides you with free content for your site so you site looks larger.
Sometimes banners and galleries are just not enough, so, in addition to banner advertising, another great idea is to provide a textual caption directly below the banner. Use descriptive punch lines that target exactly what the customer is looking for. Here are some lines that work well and can be used in any combination:

See Videos ONLINE! | Hot Erotic Sex | College Boy Sex Sluts
All Bareback Hardcore Action | Real Muscle Men | Euro Boys
Leather - Fetish - Hardcore Fucking and Fisting
Thousands of Photos of Naked Slut-Boys and MEN
See Streaming Video Clips 24 hours a day | Log On and Get Off

Looking for Quality Traffic?......Pay sites, or membership sites, have a higher quality of traffic, meaning that there are more people who are willing to pay for what they're looking for, though their numbers are smaller. Even though the numbers may be smaller, pay site traffic offers the highest conversions, or sign-ups.

The best way to promote within a membership site is to place advertisements directly in the members' areas. Discreetly putting up a banner in the members' areas will not offend the members, as long as the banners are unobtrusive yet clearly visible to the surfer.

Many pay sites place advertisements on their front pages. Giving the surfers many options upon arrival usually results in an increase in traffic sent, which can then lead to conversions, and cash for you. The only thing to consider is that if you are on a front page with lots of other banners......try not to be "lost in the crowd", and maybe consider having your banner there, but also somewhere else on the site where it will stand out more.

Pop-up windows are no longer popular and many programs and toolbars automatically block them. Instead of a "pop-up", direct traffic to a new page to promote HDK.  Even better strategy is to use an exit page. Exit pages target surfers who are leaving your site and it's you one last chance to try to refer them to HDK.  Never use more than ONE exit page.
 It just pisses users off to keep having things appear that they didn't ask for.

Search engine traffic is a very sought-after commodity, especially for niche sites such as HDK. Most search engines organize sites by categories or niches, and surfers use keywords to find sites that are interesting to them. When determining what category to target, using some of the following will help; Gay, Gay Sex, Hardcore, Gay Leather Sex,
Fetish, Bareback, Fisting, Dildos, Live Sex, Photo Galleries Gay Videos, Gay Screen Savers, Gay Post Cards , etc. Remember, nearly everything that has to do with gay sex is fair game, especially with the many new additions and frequent updates to HDK. Listings on search engines will have solid conversion ratios and will earn a steady income, as
long as they're marketed properly.

Ok, so you have a website built and launched now what? Traffic is what you want... A start is to get your site listed in free search pages.  Check out our Resources page for links to many of these sites.  They are usually free and only require that you place a banner from them on your site.  The more sites you have linking to your site, the more traffic you will have.

Obviously, the best source of traffic are the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting listed high in the search engines.  The goal is to be listed in the first ten.  Many programs and websites exist who offer to help you get listed.  Be careful, some of these are rip offs.  The best way
to do it is to learn SEO yourself.  The best way to learn is to use the various webmaster resource boards that are available.  These are free and many gay webmasters belong there and are happy to give advice to newbies.  Some of my favorites are:

Gay Wide Webmasters
Gay Main Street
The Gay Board

Need some help building a webpage? WEBMONKEY
How about some free scripts? CGI RESOUCES

Use some of the tips and ideas and you'll get off to a fast start. WELCOME ABOARD! We look forward to a long and mutually profitable relationship with you.

Good Luck!

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